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The American Longevity & Retirement Readiness Alliance

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The U.S. Department of Labor expects the healthcare industry to grow more than all other sectors throughout the decade.   To meet the growing demand, an expected 15.6 million jobs will be created in healthcare by 2022 – and that’s being employed by someone else.

What to be your own boss?  Becoming a specialized advisor, coach or consultant allows you to grab your share of the over $20 billion paid to specialized advisors & consultants in 2016.

A Bright Outlook for Healthcare & Wellness CareersRising healthcare costs, effects of the national healthcare law, and concerns about employee health and productivity are just a few reasons why more and more organizations are looking to implement wellness programs

Doing Good...While Doing Well.  Learn how to position your career to ensure success in the exploding Health & Wellness Industry revolution.

Communicate with your peers and other experts to learn about some of the hottest career niches in years to start up or expanding your practice and further your income, including, but not limited to;

  • Become a Certified Longevity Planning Advisor
  • Become a Personal Longevity Coach
  • Become a Certified Corporate Wellness Consultant
  • Become a Certified Healthcare Expense Reduction Consultant
  • Join a Better Living Referral Network
  • Open a For-Cause Alliance Chapter
  • Creating a Retirement Village
  • Leverage Healthcare & Wellness Business Franchises
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